Compaq repair Milan

Compaq Notebook Repair in Milan

We are a Compaq service center in Milan, repair Compaq specializing in notebook technical support on hardware and software at home/offices, schools. We offer a variety of technical assistance and computer support services for motherboards repairs, video card repair, network adapters, USB port replacement and power Jack.

Computer motherboard Repairs Supporto tecnico pc portatile

Does your Compaq computer not turning on or only work with the battery? Most laptops do not have enough reinforcement, we will carry out the replacement of the jack and to reinforce the welding. Compaq Motherboard repair, repairs for any power problem as a result of liquid spill, voltage surge or lightning, audio, video, Power, USB, Firewire and keyboard/touchpad. If you encounter any problems with any Compaq hardware, our technicians will be able to diagnose the failure and repair your motherboard.

Compaq Screen Replacement

Are the images continuously flashing? is the screen image distorted or blurry? No Problem! Compaq service center in Milan is able to help you! We can replace your broken laptop screen in a day subjecting to our in house stock availability, we also replace keyboard, fan, CPU, DVD, LCD screen arms, display support hinges, thermal paste replacement and much more. In software: We install the operating system, save and restore data, remove viruses and malware, improve the performance of the operating system, install applications and programs and much more.

Replacement Jack_audio -2 Supporto tecnico pc portatile

Laptops Hinges Supporto tecnico pc portatile