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We are specialised in repairs, restorations and substitutions of laptop hardware components of the following models: Acer Aspire, Travemate, Extensa, Ferrari, Veriton Predator, Aspire One. Computer Diagnostics hardware Components PC and laptop support Acer Milano.

Acer Notebook repairs in Milan

Information Center, support and support Acer Milano, our Center intervenes for replacement and replacement, repair of power supplies, assistances for Laptop Batteries, cable, replacement of LCD Display, laptop support Hard disk Technical Support Acer drives, upgrade memories, Acer home assistance Milan for the replacement of Acer computer notebook motherboards in Milan and the national territory, Network, optical readers, specialized assistance for repair and replacement of parts Cover, for the replacement of electrical parts, service Acer computer in Milan for repair of mechanical parts, center Computer Support and Acer repair in Milan for replacement keyboards and mice. Acer computer service Milan always at the forefront thanks to the refresher courses, always manages to solve any problematic software and hardware PC and notebook Acer computer. Assistance Acer Milano with delivery and delivery via express courier on Italian national territory.

Laptop Computer Support

Support Acer Milano Portable assistance Milan Centro riparazione pc Milano

Computer Support has support services for Acer computers in Milan, notebooks, netbooks and servers. Notebook support for repair and replacement of inverter – Replacement burner – Acer PC Service Center for replacement and fan cleaning – Acer laptop service for processor replacements, portable PC repairs – replacement Acer Computer flat cables – Replacement LCD lamp for laptops Acer in Milan and hinterland – replacement LED LCD – Hard Disk Replacement – Upgrade Ram – in-depth diagnosis – Hinge replacement – Windows operating system installation – saving and restoring Data from Windows operating systems with a 100% guarantee – Data recovery – Technical Support Acer Computer To restore factory settings of Acer notebook computersreplacement motherboard repair – Replacement power Jack – Bios Update – Performance Upgrade-Acer portable PC repairs.

Replacement of mechanical parts – replacement of electrical parts pc laptops in Milan – replacement of peripherals. assistances Acer Milano stands out for hardware repairs on electronic printed circuit boards and circuits.

Acer Notebook Repairs

  • Acer Laptop motherboard repair, laptops and stationary.
  • Acer Computer video card repair in Milan and pick-up, delivery by express courier throughout Italy
  • Corrupted BIOS repair.
  • Repair of BGA chips
  • Replacing screens and portable PC video panels

Acer Repair on hardware, we repair all mechanical components that they are hardware or parts cover, hinges of all Acer models.

Acer Technical Support

Support and support Acer, repairs acer Milano performs all types of repair on Acer products both Hardware and Software. The headquarters of our Acer Repair Service Center is in Milan but we operate all over the country. The company was established in 2001 with the aim of providing an efficient, reliable, fast and professional technical assistance service. Indispensable elements for the excellent relationship of trust established with our customers to date. ContactAcer Support at: 0245488968 for information and technical support. We offer support forAcer driver installation as per manuals. We are the benchmark for Acer support.

Home Assistance-offices-Acer computers

Our support Service Acer Milano is dedicated to individuals and companies at home or in the office. The direct contact with distributors and suppliers and our laboratory, equipped with electronic equipment of the next generation, is able to repair, test and diagnose allowing us to intervene even in the most critical problems.

Acer mobile PC repairs at home

Acer virus removal, virus removal, Trojan, Spyware, Malware
Acer Computerformatting, operating system formatting and reinstallation (Windows 7 Windows 8 and Windows 10) and Acer Milano support programs for installing compatible drivers for various versions of Windows operating system.
Operating system migration, on a new PC without formatting and data loss
Realization of data Backup systems, network Nas, servers
Hard disk data recovery with damaged partitions
ADSL Kit Installation and WiFi network configuration
Acer computer assembly and old PC upgrades

Acer Computer Service Center

Our Computer service center specializes in repairing all notebook models with support and technical support to Acer portable resolutions and desktop computers.
We intervene on the mechanical parts hardware and software for repairs and troubleshooting breaking hinges, screens, malfunctioning Windows operating systems-Macintosh, power supplies, batteries, LCD display, hard drive memories, motherboards, Network, optical players, mechanical parts keyboards/mice, cover parts, electrical parts, network.
Support Acer Milano It boasts years of technical experience and competes with the various authorized service centers as authorized Acer service in the Milan area. Computer service Center Milan, Portable Assistance Lab, are basically what defines our customers because we repair instead of replacing the defective components.

Acer Remote computer Support

Realization of VPN networks to access your PC or data in the Office from any external station
Restore operation Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows mail, Live Mail etc.
Office Restore and Acer Computer e-mail – Office package support and e-mail
Restoring PC operation directly to your home
Wireless Router Installation

Acer Service for Technical support, for hardware and software, technical assistance to Acer notebook repairs is part of the computer service Centers of excellence present in the national territory.

Service and technical support contracts

In order to guarantee a fast and efficient service, with high quality standards, Milano notebook service offers maintenance and computer assistance contracts for both private and business. The contracts provided by US guarantee not only subsidized prices but many advantages: priority of intervention in case of hardware failure, a telephone number of priority assistance with a technician at disposal and a Remote Assistance service ER Diagnostics hardware and software problems. Computer contracts Centro riparazione pc Milano

The telephone technical assistance is timely and complete, thanks to the direct intervention on the machines of the customer through remote connection, we are able to solve much of the hardware and software problems. We intervene on Acer laptops and desktops, server workstations.

Acer Notebook Support

TravelMate Support – Acer Aspire service – Acer EXTENSA repair

If your ACER laptop is slow or does not work at all, we can help you. There is no reason to buy a new Acer laptop when you can correct or upgrade the current system at a fraction of the cost of buying it again. Below are some of the ACER notebook repair services that our service and technical Support Center provides to help you save money.


[Psp_rs_article name = “Acer Notebook support” url = “” image = “” image_width = “525” Image_height = “350” description = “assistances and portable technical support. Acer support and Acer notebook repairs in Milan. Support Laptop Computer repair Acer notebooks. Home mobile PC repairs remote computer assistance
Service contracts support and technical support Notebook Acer repair motherboard acer replacement parts Cover Acer repair replacement card video laptop and PC desktop Acer repair replacement power Jack charging Acer spares Original and compatible computer Acer formatting and installation operating system with Acer Rescue and data Recovery ”
Author = “Steve Jones” publisher = “Acer pc Repair” pubdate = “2018-04-15” Article_body = “We offer expert level assistance quickly to companies and individuals we specialize in repairing on Acer computers and we intervene both for Hardware problems that software, from common failures such as broken screen example, assistance for damaged hinges, virus removal, formatting operating system installation, until the replacement of internal electronic components and Motherboard repair. If your Acer computer is extremely slow or you can’t find a service center that can repair your computer in a definitive way. ” article_section = “Acer DC Jack repairs does your Acer laptop only work with your battery or does your DC jack no longer hold contacts?
DC jacks on most laptops do not have enough reinforcement and are loosened in normal wear conditions. We repair the DC jacks at an accurate level of the authorized Acer Service centers in Italy. Repair the ACER motherboard repairs to any power supply problem as a result of leaking liquids, voltage fluctuations or lightning strikes.
The Acer repair center knows that motherboards control the following hardware, such as audio, video, power, USB, FireWire, and keyboard/touchpad. If you are experiencing problems with your hardware, our technician can diagnose the problem. It is often cheaper than replacing the motherboard. Repair/replacement/LCD backlight ACER broken screen? Do the images continue to flicker?
Does your ACER laptop start, but after a while it fades in black? No problem! We can help you! If your ACER LCD monitor lacks blocks or lines of information, it has scratched surface, faulty backlight or no display function, Laptop Rescue can restore its performance as new.
Repair and replacement laptop keyboard missing keys? Water spill? Do the buttons keep popping up? It may be time to replace the keyboard.
The repair and replacement of your laptop keyboard are an inexpensive way to increase the usability and durability of your machine thanks to our service center.
replacing the Acer touchpad: Does your touchpad stop working? Does your mouse keep freezing or jumping? Is it difficult to control the cursor? Inverter does the ACER LCD display flash and show a faded image? The inverter controls the power that goes to the backlight and may cause this problem.
overheating: Does your ACER laptop overheat and turn itself off? It may be time to check the cooling system. This is an inexpensive repair that can save you from having to replace your motherboard in the future. ” headline=” Acer Service Center in Milan Acer computer Repair “]